Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Danielle, and I am starting this in honor of my two pups, Loki and Odie. If I had never brought these two loving companions into my life, I may have never had the drive to research and voice how ineffective animal testing is.

Loki and Odie.

If you’re like me, you’ve always cared about animals, but never really gave thought to the fact that “pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, pesticide, and household products” that we use daily are tested on them, according to PETA. This blog is going to be dedicated to raising awareness for animal rights, information and support for companies that are “cruelty free,” dogs, and honestly, whatever you want to talk about! When you think of animal testing, most picture a rat or mouse, in a cage, being injected and force fed chemicals. While this is true, 68% of product and drug testing is done on Beagles. (Beagle Freedom Project) I believe all animals are entitled to live a natural, free life, but my focus will mainly be about Beagles.

It hit home with me when I got my first dog, Odie. I grew up around dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hermit crabs, gerbils, hamsters, etc., but he is my first canine who is completely mine…and my husbands. As my little, 11 month old, Beagle/Plott Hound mix sprawls out next to me on the couch; I cannot fathom how anyone could torture these poor souls.

Beagles are used because of their loving, forgiving, and optimistic personalities. One of the largest animal testing facilities, Huntingdon Life Sciences, exposed Buffalo the Beagle -and some of his Beagle friends- to a substance (due to confidentially, it cannot be disclosed) lasting 40 weeks. They took blood, urine and feces samples, and observed him for reactions. Buffalo may have gotten 20 minutes of exercise daily, where he ran through a hallway outside his cage, never to see the outside again. Once the experiment was over, these precious babies no longer served a purpose, and were killed by barbiturates. Their body parts were used for further experimentation according to Occupy for Animals, and the facility then replenished their beagle supply just to repeat the process again.

In this video, you get a glimpse of what these animals are going through. This was from an undercover PETA investigation from 1997 – 2008, where OxyContin was being tested on animals after it had already been proven safe for human consumption in the United States. Though this is old footage, you can still see how much animals suffer, even when there are more humane methods of testing available today.


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